India: Round 2

This isn’t exactly a typical post (though tales of my English camping experience are indeed on their way), but I do have some exciting travel news to share…

In a wondrous turn of events, this summer will witness my eager return to India! In an action-packed two weeks, my companions and I will be visiting Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi. My first experience in this magical country was almost too good to describe in words (though you can read my earnest attempt here) and to say I’m looking forward to another adventure is perhaps something of an understatement. 

If anyone has any tips or recommendations, be that favourite restaurants or must-see sites, I would love nothing more than to hear from you! 


36 thoughts on “India: Round 2

  1. Hello!! I’m a resident of Delhi and would love to help you out in your trip! Delhi is amaazing if you want to explore food. Mumbai is great for nightlife! Have an amazing time yet again.

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  2. Hello. Thanks for the Follow.
    If u are in India, must experience the spirituality.You will come across this in Varanasi,especially. Oneness is nurtured in India. I am from Bharuch, Gujarat which is India’s 2nd ancient city after Varanasi and Gujarat’s 1st.
    Good times.

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  3. One of the priests that I work for spends at least a month each year in India. He usually leaves his clothes there for the poor that our religious congregation takes care of throughout Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is something to consider when packing and you will be able to bring back more souvenirs.

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  4. I hope you have a really good time! I went to India but somehow managed to miss all three of the places you’re visiting so I’m looking forward to reading about it soon 🙂

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  5. Having moved to Delhi 18 months ago I’m eating my way around the capital.
    My blogs is in its early days so more to follow, but check out this link for 5 AC eaterys.

    And head to Krips, Vasant Vihar. Other market eatery info in this link

    Any questions ask away.

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  6. A pleasure. If you have chance also make your way to Mehar Chand Marg, Lodi Colony. Great selection of eateries and shops for browsing. Later this week I’m doing a post of Gnasha sweethouse that’s down that way. It’s besan ladoo is the best I’ve come across. I love sharing some of the special places that are of the toursit track in my new home with people, so any help with stuff email at Jon

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