What’s To Come?

I am writing to address my recent period of inactivity.

Over the summer of 2017, I embarked on my greatest adventure to date. For thirty wonderful days, I backpacked my way across South East Asia. Visiting Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos (best friend in tow), it was a month of exploration, discovery and more than one disaster.

I am of course aware that this particular excursion isn’t all that revolutionary. For decades these exotic localities have welcomed bedraggled backpackers from all corners of the globe, gifting friendships, unrivalled exploits and their fair share of challenges. That being said, whilst I can entirely appreciate the stereotypical nature of my adventure, the cliché does little to distract from the remarkable essentiality of my experiences.

With this in mind, I have decided to write a book. I had, of course, intended to document my travels in the form of blog posts. With this medium existing as a uniquely familiar means with which to share my explorations, it seemed only fitting that my most significant exploration yet be commemorated in this manner. Fast forward through one very worse-for-wear journal, twenty-thousand words worth of hastily typed notes on my mobile phone and three very long months, and I’ve realised my mistake. I struggle to condense trips lasting only a few days into digestible posts, why I had thought it possible to achieve a similar result with this expedition remains something of a mystery.

As such, I have instead begun work on an extended travel journal. With most of a pre-university gap year still ahead of me and more than my fair share of stories to tell, this project has become my primary focus. Whilst I hope to still update this blog on a fairly regular basis, I am eager to complete a first draft before I embark on my future travels next May.

So please bear with me and keep your eyes open for tales of mistakes, fruit shakes and a beer or two in ‘30 Day Cliché’ coming soon!


23 thoughts on “What’s To Come?

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and book. I don’t look at your trip as a cliche. I’ve done my share of road trips in the US, hiking and camping, but have not done something as adventurous as your trip. To do it as a teenage girl is amazing. So please honor the courage and uniqueness of this venture. I look forward to reading your book.

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  2. Sounds amazing and the right way to go. Would be difficult to condense it into blog posts and once the book is ready, I’ll be buying two copies. One for myself and the other for my friend who loves travel books, I don’t think he has one on South East Asia so I think he’d love that.
    Also, have you thought about writing for advertising agencies who do travel writing like Conde Nast travel? That might be something you’d like.

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  3. Would you mind letting me know when this book gets released? Your blogs had always given me more inspiration for writing, who knows what a book can do. Perhaps I’ll finally satisfy my family with a bundle of paper too. Good luck! 😀 Eagerly I’ll wait.

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    • Absolutely! It means a lot that you’d be willing to give it a read, thank you! I hope your travels are going well, I’m off to the Philippines this Summet and seeing your photographs has made me even more excited 😊


      • Thank you! I haven’t travelled to many places within the Philippines, but what I say, I loved. If you plan on going to Palawan, do stop by Port Barton if given the time and explore that for a few days.


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