The Next Chapter

I know, I know.

Girl says she’s going to write a book, disappears for a year without a peep then pops back up with yet another convoluted post and its irritatingly cliché title that doesn’t actually appear to have anything to do with travel.

I hear you. Where is this long-promised novel? Where have you been these past twelve months? What are you doing now? Why are you asking rhetorical questions no one actually wants an answer to? (Just go with it, I’d like to bask in my illusionary self-importance for a just a little while longer). Whilst I have no doubt my many readers will be crushed to learn said piece of literary mastery is yet to be completed, there is light in all this darkness! As it turns out, writing a book isn’t quite as simple as banging out a blog post (shocking stuff, I know). As such, this project has become something of a more long-term venture. With six fascinating countries and countless exploits to detail, I am wary of rushing the recollection of my experience. Moments become memories in the time it takes for a shutter to snap, but capturing them with words in a manner that does them justice is an entirely more challenging feat. With this in mind, the fruition of this endeavour remains to be realised. In the meantime, I have returned to renegade you with tales of my newest adventure…

Whilst I am aware not one of you has petitioned for an update on my life activities, you lucky readers are in for a treat regardless! The past year was one of the most remarkable of mine thus far. Although even I struggle to refrain from cringing at such a statement, do try and recognise my attempt at sincerity. Even dressed as every traveller’s worst nightmare (elephant harems in every colour), surrounded by Western backpackers named Steve and in a permanent state of sweaty, my gap year was close to indescribable. Unsurprisingly however, it was not to last. So, in a slightly different turn of events, I am officially a university student. With a degree in travel existing as a rather unrealistic concept, I figured the undertaking of an undergraduate in International History was a fairly suitable next resort. (Please also note here the appropriate appreciation for the past, natural flair for the subject and dedication to the discipline referenced in my personal statement, @LSE).  Whilst this period of my life won’t witness me hostel-hopping in a new city every night, there exists a tangible element of adventure in building a life in one of the most sensational localities on the globe.

Carrie Bradshaw had Times Square and 5th Avenue. Hemingway had the Left Bank and the crooked alleys of Montmartre. For the next three years, or at least until my student loan runs out, I have London. Don’t misunderstand me. Even I haven’t yet sunk so low so as to inflate my own significance to the point where I believe a comparison between myself and these two heroes is justified. Sadly dear readers, I am unable to enthral you with stories of after-work cocktails with my gal pals. Due to both the lack of job and absence of funds to stretch beyond the dubiously-dubbed ‘Voddka’ found in the aisles of the sketchy-looking off-licence around the corner, if you had hopes of stories of glossy city life fit for the plot of Sex And The City, now would be the time to crush them. Just as tragically, I am yet to find myself sharing red wine on the banks of the Thames, or writing poems on napkins alongside my group of artfully eclectic misfit friends. In fact, the total culmination of these parallels can be summarised quite simply; the city.

So my diet consists of pot noodles and instant coffee sachets stolen from hotel rooms five years ago (use-by-dates are just friendly suggestions right?) And ok maybe I’m roaming the streets of the capital better resembling a sleep-deprived zombie than a cosmopolitan urban queen, that’s not the point. The crux is that whilst this globetrottingteen may be grounded for the meantime, this is still just the beginning. Although I’ll be doing it on a student budget and thus most likely lacking all sense of style, I am ready to explore. With new travel companions on the scene and a whole new city to discover, I’ve got a pretty good feeling that we’re in for quite the experience. From Bloomsbury to Camden and everything in-between, something tells me London has its fair share of tales to tell.

Travel isn’t solely a story of far-flung experience, sometimes the ingredients for the most remarkable adventures can be found just outside your door. All you have to do, is open it.

Oh, and maybe bring an umbrella. Turns out the weather in London really is as crappy as they say.

Until next time,



16 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

      • The museums are always a good start, the Sky garden is free and has some of the best views in London. The markets like Borough market and Camden market are good for cheap eats too. Greenwich is another part of London I like visiting if you want somewhere frequented a little less than central London 🙂


      • Haha thanks! I hope you enjoyed your breakfast in the end and your time in London too. It’s a good time to be there with the Christmas decorations in the city 🙂

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and inviting me to yours. I love your cheeky tone and look forward to reading about your adventures, exploits, successes or whatever you decide to call them. London is a FAB place to live as a young person (or an old person, or a middle-aged person!) and you will have so much fodder for your musings. Let me know if you want me to snag the mediocre hotel coffee packets for you from my rooms when I travel here (like I am right now). 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for reading! I’m so excited to explore, especially when everyone I speak seems to have nothing but praise for London 😊 hahah enjoy your travels and I look forward to reading about them, nice to know I’m not the only one who can appreciate the hotel freebies!

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  2. London is a lovely city and I can’t wait to hear all that you find it has to offer! If I can make one suggestion, check out Baboy Club – a monthly supper club that my sister runs. The food is amazing, plus, she is a native Londonor and travel pro with very good tips for traipsing around with London as your hub!

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  3. Lol…I haven’t been particularly prolific lately either. I’m in a new town and challenging living situation, doing intense spiritual work for the world every day and so haven’t been writing very often. Before this move I’d had to turn into the financial manager/head caregiver/manager of three other caregivers, and personal assistant for the elder woman I was staying with, along with helping her go through her home, decide what to take with her, pack it up, then get her moved into a place with assisted living. It was a 24/7 project..then bam, I was scrambling to find a new place to live….


  4. Harriet, Fellow Wanderer, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog these past few years. My teenagers are just a few years away from their own Gap Year (still unusual here in the US). My hope is that they take the time to capture their experiences (and GROWTH) as you have done here. As someone who traveled often in my early adult years and has come back to that after years on the “conveyer belt” of life, I want to encourage you to take this season in London with the same sense of wonder and boldness that took you to the 6 countries. All the best at Uni!

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    • Thank you so much, for sticking with me and for your kind words! Ahh I’m so excited for your children, I’m sure a million people have told them this already but if they ever do have any doubts, I can confirm that taking a gap year was the best thing I’ve ever done. I have no doubt they’ll soon have their own amazing adventures to share (wonder, boldness and all) 😊

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    • It’s a shame to hear you say that – I’m all about building a positive travel community here at globetrottingteen so lets try and keep the negativity to a minimum, we’re all friends here! The way I see it, one traveller’s boring is another’s greatest adventure. Don’t follow the crowd Adam, let the crowd follow you. Happy travelling 🙂


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