My name is Harriet.

I am a twenty-year old History undergraduate at the London School of Economics. Currently, I split my time between my predictably delightful student accommodation (oh I do love the smell of mould in the mornings) and my family home in the English countryside. Here, think less people, more sheep – although to its credit, at least I’m yet to find myself rooming with a mouse in this house. Yeah. Seriously.

Whilst, in spite of their quirks, both of these homes hold a special place in my heart, I am at my happiest when I am on the move.

For a clearer sense of who I am and what it is I’m trying to do here, please take a look at my very first post: Keeping It Simple

But for now, as an aspiring travel writer with stories to tell and adventures to come, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy your stay.





Czech Republic



















The Netherlands



Vatican City




Hong Kong


















North America: 

The United States of America

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve always loved reading stories, especially the ones which include lots of travelling and this seems to be perfect for just that! 🙂

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  2. What an impressive list of destinations that you have already racked up Harriet! Thank goodness for Ryan Air hey! Ironically many, such as myself, would love to travel – to – a small village in England!! 🙂

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I’m a very lucky girl indeed to have visited some of the amazing destinations that I have. It’s so odd to think that people are interested in visiting small English villages like my own, to me it’s always just been home! I’m working on a post right now about the UK, keep a look out ☺️

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    • No problem, I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts! I’m incredibly lucky in the fact that my parents have chosen to make travelling one of our family’s priorities. We rarely travel throughout the year, instead spending the months hunting for the cheapest flights using apps and websites (the app ‘Momondo’ is a great example) to find the best deal so we can make our summer trip as great as possible. For trips to Europe, Ryanair is of course a firm favourite!

      We also tend to eat and drink fairly cheaply when abroad, sourcing meals from markets or food stalls that sell delicious local dishes relatively inexpensively (that’s probably one of the best things about Asia, once you’ve reached the continent, things are usually very cheap!)

      Thank you so much for taking the time go read my blog, if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch ☺️

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  3. Thank you so much Harriet for stopping by and having a look at my blog; thingsunderstood.wordpress.com. I really enjoyed reading yours (especially about Japan) and I am amazed at all of the fantastic places you have already visited! Wow! Keep up the fabulous writing and photography and please drop by again soon. 🙂 Jacqueline

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    • Thank you! I’m really looking forward to reading more of your blog ☺️ as for recommendations as I’m sure you’ve read Beijing has been my favourite destination to date but I would also highly encourage you to visit Ubud in Bali, Kyoto in Japan and Rishikesh in India


  4. Hey thanks for stopping by! Wow you are 16 yo and you have been to so many cities. What a life! 🙂 And I agree. If travel is an addiction, we are afflicted! I hope you will come back (both my page and Asia, I will show you around).


  5. Harriet, love…WOW!!!

    Absolutely love it that you are pursuing your passion for journalism and being diligent with your travels at such a young age.

    I esteem you, dear one.

    I’m thankful to have you following us at Land: Stories from the Journey and I am looking forward to following your blog.

    Peace be with you and your travels. God bless you 😀

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  6. Hi Harriet. Lovely that you decided to follow my blog and I hope any travel or indeed other post you come across are of interest. As you’ll gather I’m an incompetent traveller but that hasn’t put me off. You sound a little like my own daughter who will do anything to travel. She’s 22 now so has had the benefit of gap year and university holiday travel as well as family breaks. Enjoy!

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  7. Hi there,
    Love your site! It’s so well-written, thoughtful and impressive that you’ve built it into such a popular site. Will keep reading!

    Do you have any advice for a new blog on how to best grow your followers? 🙂

    Merci beaucoup!

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  8. Hi, thanks for stopping by and following my travel and photography site. I also enjoy reading and seeing photos about other people’s travels. You’ve got an impressive resume of traveling done already. I know I will enjoy following your travels as well.

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  9. Woaaah. When I got my first follower I did not expect to find such a Big-League blogger. And by the time I could digest your number of followers, I found your About and oh boy, starting a blog I should not be saying this but seriously I am out of words here !!!! You ARE quite a traveller and I really hope you realise your dream of journalism very soon 🙂 I came here to say thanks and that got drowned in your awesomeness 😀 Before I check more pages of yours and get overwhelmed again, thanks a ton for the like and follow 🙂

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  10. Amazing journey so far! Wow! You will need to add Australia to that list…and contact me when you are in the Perth area. Happy to show you the ‘local secret spots’. 😉

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  11. I’ve been looking through your posts! You’re descriptions are so colorful and your stories are entertaining! Thank you for following my blog!

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  12. Wow Harriet, I’m Impressed! In your age, you had travelled a lot of places already… I was not able to read your post yet but I know they ate great interesting too. I find time to read your post thnx for following me up. I followed you back. 🙂

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  13. wow have you ever travelled! that is an impressive list! At 17, I hadn’t even left Canada.
    I finally left to mexico for a vacation after I graduated, and even still, I have been to mexico a number of times, Dominican Republic, Orlando florida and, other than Alberta, where I live in Canada, I have been to BC a few times.
    Not a whole lot of travel for me. I would love to go to Asia one day!
    Hope you get to keep your travels up!

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    • Haha, I’m a very lucky girl! I would love to visit Mexico, it is somewhere that has always been on my bucket list! Good luck with your travels too, I hope that you do get the chance to explore Asia one day, it’s truly amazing ☺️


  14. Thanks for stopping by The Long Way Home! I love your site and you’ve already visited so many beautiful countries…I’m looking forward to following your future travel and journalism adventures 🙂

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  15. Crazy how many places you’ve been before even hitting 18! I wish I had done the same, but instead I spent my teenage years drinking lambrini in a park hah!

    Going travelling in a few months though, so will be making up for lost time 😉

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  16. This blog is genuinely incredible! You’re a true inspiration to me, both as a traveller and a writer and I wish you nothing but adventure and success. Thank you a thousand times for sharing your words and your journeys with all of us. Here’s to many more ❤️

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  17. Hey!!

    I just saw that you followed my blog and I must say I feel a little honored, I adore your writing and blog! Just wanted to say hello as a fellow travelling teen :)). I look forward to reading more! xx

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